Family Reunion Footage

These 16mm films were made by Jane Golding between 1949 and 1955. This first video contains the entire set, with background music added. Most of the footage is of Jane’s vacations in the Western US and Canada.

This second video is the section of the film (without background music) that contains the family reunion, with timestamps listed below.


9:19 Family Reunion footage begins

9:27 (possibly) Naomi Morgan in the red dress in the background.

9:30 Phil (boy in black shirt) and Thomas (man in blue shirt looking at camera)

10:00 Velma (Golding) Uhrig (in white hat) and Benton Uhrig (man in foreground look back towards camera)

10:04 Jean (Uhrig) Richards (girl in red, white and blue dress)

10:20 Jean by the lake

10:23 Mary (Uhrig) Bradbury carrying John Uhrig

10:31 On left: Mary, holding John Uhrig

           On right: Betty (Uhrig) Taylor, holding stick, Jean

           In center: unknown girl (in pigtails)

10:36 Mary walking John towards the camera, with Jean, Betty, and unknown girl in background

10:38 Betty, Jean, and unknown girl

10:42: Velma, Jean seated on lap of either John Golding or Bert Golding

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