Winter Plans

With the off-season predictably quiet, this blog would be boring as heck if I just concentrated on Ron Belliard, Cliff Bartosh, and whoever the Indians sign to be the 4th starter.

Therefore I’m going to use January and February to look back on the previous 103 seasons in franchise history. I’m in the process of revamping my Indians history section, which is currently on my geocities site. Eventually (and I mean eventually), I’d like to have on file a profile of every player who’s played for the Indians. While that isn’t happening this year (or even this decade), I’d like to start it. A very good place to start this massive undertaking is to profile the 100 Greatest Indians, announced during the 2001 season. With roughly 100 days before the 2004 season starts, I’m going rank them and count down one each day, with #1 announced in early April, just before the season starts. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to tweak the site. As you may have noticed, I’ve switched the sidebar to the left side. Some of the links may not work just yet, but I’ll get to those shortly.

Don’t worry..if something happens (anything, please!), I’ll cover it. During February, I’ll start gearing up for the season with previews of the Indians and the rest of the American League. But for now, it’s time to look back instead of forward.

Number #100 on the list will appear on January 1st, 2004

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