#92 3B Brook Jacoby (1983-1991, 1992)

A solid player for almost a decade, Jacoby played during the worst era in Indians history. During Jacoby’s tenure, here’s the Indians’ records:

1984 75-87

1985 60-102

1986 84-78

1987 61-101

1988 78-84

1989 73-89

1990 77-85

1991 57-105

1992 76-86

Needless to say, Jacoby toiled his entire career for a moribound franchise, and somehow managed to put up decent numbers. He had his career year in 1987 (along with everyone else in baseball), hitting .300/.387/.541 with 32 HR, but amazingly enough, only 69 RBIs.

Jacoby was acquired in probably in most one-sided deal in the 1980s save the Von Hayes theft. Len Barker went to Atlanta, and the Braves sent over Jacoby and lead-off master Brett Butler, who was somehow left off this list by the Indians. Traded during 1991, Jacoby came back for one last season and started at third when his replacement, Jim Thome, broke his hand during Spring Training.

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