#90 RHSP Orel Hershiser (1995-1997)

One of the best pitchers of the late 1980s, Hershiser came to the Indians in 1995 and showed that he had a couple of good years left. During the three years he spent in Cleveland, he posted an ERA+ of 119, 116, and 105. Thanks to Cleveland’s lethal offense, that translated to 16, 15, and 14 wins respectively.

But of course, Hershiser’s best season was in 1988, in which he was almost inhuman. He posted an ERA of 2.26, won the NL Cy Young, the NLCS MVP and pitched the Dodgers to the World Championship, picking up the World Series MVP in the process. Oh yeah, he also won the Gold Glove that year.

When the Indians went back to the World Series for the first time in 41 years by beating Seattle in 1995, Hershiser was the ALCS MVP.

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