Stanford the #5 Starter

Jason Stanford has been named the 5th starter for the Indians. Unlike previous years, the 5th starter will actually start in the first week, as the Indians play 7 games in 7 days to start the season

The only real battle left is the 4th outfielder, but I can’t see the Indians picking Coco Crisp over Alex Escobar, especially with all the left-handed pitching the Indians are going to face in April.

Spring Cleaning

Over the next week, I’ll be updating a lot of the links to the right. Once USA Today publishes the salaries, I’ll update the Indians’ current roster’s salaries. Now that minor-league rosters are getting finalized, the organizational depth chart will get an update as well. And I’m going to update the transaction pages as well. So keep checking back between now and Opening Day.

Also, during the season, I’m going to try to concentrate my efforts on keeping the site updated, and trying to stay away from the mundane stuff that I’ve been posting recently. I’d rather focus on the more abstract aspects of the game, and topics that you might not know too much about, such as sabermetrics, scouting, the minors, lineup management, among other things. Don’t worry, I’ll still post any transactions that come across the wire, as well as a short comment if it’s warrented, but I don’t want this to become just a blog that regurgitates the same stuff that you read about in your local paper.

I’d appreciate any suggestions as to any subjects that you want covered, including other teams in the American or National Leagues. I’ll do my best to reply to them. Also, I’ll continue to post any links to baseball-related sites or blogs that get sent my way, so if you have your own creation, don’t hesitate to write.

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