Recalled RHSP Joe Dawley to Cleveland

Designated RHSP Chad Durbin for Assignment

Dawley will probably get one shot at a start, but given the current starting situation, if he’s half-way decent, he might stick around for a couple weeks. Necessity is the mother of invention, and the need for a 5th starter has provided a chance for a guy who, quite frankly, needs it. He’s only had a couple cups of coffee with the Atlanta Braves, and has had pretty good strikeout ratios his entire professional career. He struck out 73 in 56.2 IP last year, and whiffed 136 in 140 innings in 2002, both with Richmond.

Another guy the Indians brought in is Lou Pote, formerly of the Anaheim Angels, and fresh off a short stint in Japan. Pote is more of a middle reliever, a guy who’s probably at his best throwing 3-4 inning stretches. He’ll most likely be the longman for this team, and may snag a spot start or two if he sticks around long enough.

The Indians have had pretty decent success in getting free talent the last couple of years, with Casey Blake and Rafael Betancourt being the best examples. So given the failures thus far of Scott Stewart and Jeriome Robertson, who the Indians traded decent prospects for, maybe they’re going back to that mindset again. Russ Branyan and Rick White, who were gotten for organizational drones, are also paying some dividends. Jason Anderson was pitching well before getting injured, and the Indians are probably hoping that he clears waivers because of him being on the DL.

Cleveland sportswriters have termed this type of player acquisition “digging in dumpsters” or “bargain-basement shopping”. Well, they are partially right, because sometimes someone’s trash is another’s treasure.

From the Injury Front

Ryan Ludwick is going to start hitting again in early June. What does this mean? When Ludwick returns, he’ll probably replace Coco Crisp as the fourth outfielder, and will sub for Travis Hafner, Jody Gerut, and Ben Broussard against a left-handed pitcher. Or the Indians could get really creative and bring up Russ Branyan, send down Broussard, and platoon Branyan and Ludwick at first. Regardless, getting Ludwick back would be a real shot in the arm for the offense, which has just been plain awful against left-handed pitching.

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