You Cannot Stop the Pronk!


The past two days have been nothing short of amazing for Travis Hafner. 5 home runs off of 4 pitchers, including Francisco Rodriguez. I know it’s not going to last, but boy has it been fun watching him hit.


Jumping the Gun


This article concerns me. Ronnie Belliard is having the season of his life, is 29 years old, and Mark Shapiro wants to sign him to a three-year deal? The Indians still retain his rights next year, as he’s not yet eligible for free agency as we found out about a month ago. The more I see of Ronnie, the more I like him, but signing him to a long-term contract now is taking a big risk. I’d rather the Indians just offer him arbitration, pay him a little bit more, and then see what he does in a year. With Brandon Phillips deserving of another look and the signing of Aaron Boone, the infield looks crowded as is; locking up Belliard makes it even more crowded.

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