Triple Whammy

Last night’s loss was pretty bad all by itself; but the news got worse.

First of all, CC Sabathia is probably done for the season with a hamstring injury. Granted, it’s a non-arm injury, and CC should be completely healthy by March 2005, but this will mean a weak starting staff gets even weaker.

And worst of all, Jody Gerut injured his knee during the game. Watching it on TV, it looks real bad; the kind of injury that one offseason isn’t going to heal. I hope he didn’t tear his ACL or MCL, but that’s what it looks like to me. Grady Sizemore is going to rejoin the team since Buffalo has won the Governors’ Cup, so I guess Matt Lawton and Ryan Ludwick will be manning right field. But Gerut’s injury could mean that Mark Shapiro has to sign an outfielder to play right field; I’m not real comfortable with giving Ludwick the job next year.

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