Cheerleader’s Boot Saves Kyle Denney

PD Story

Sometimes jokes write themselves. It looks like Denney is going to be all right (he’s been released from the hospital), so we can have some fun with this. Denney and all the other rookies were participating in annual hazing, and he got to wear a USC (no idea why they picked USC) cheerleader outfit during the trip to Minnesota. When the team was heading to the airport, a bullet entered the team bus, grazed Ryan Ludwick, and enetered Kyle Denney’s leg. The wound wasn’t deep, as team trainers removed the bullet before Denney reached the hospital. Denney was wearing a leather cheerleader’s boot as part of his outfit, and it apparently stopped the bullet somewhat. I’m wondering if Denney arrived at the ER still wearing the outfit, but regardless, I’m glad he’s OK. Even if he never sticks in the big leagues, Denney will have quite a story to tell to his grandkids.

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