Purchased the Contract of OF Juan Gonzalez

This move is mandated by a clause in Gonzalez’s contract. All Juan has to do to make the club is to stay healthy, which is far from a sure thing. I’m not expecting much, and the Indians have a couple backup plans just in case he doesn’t work out health-wise, including Grady Sizemore and Ryan Ludwick. Jody Gerut should be ready in June, which would make things even more interesting in the event that everyone’s still healthy. But whenever you bring in this type of player, you always start to think of how good he can be if healthy. 2001 wasn’t that long ago, right?

Placed LHP Jason Stanford on the 60-Day Disabled List (elbow)

The doppleganger to the Gonzalez purchase. Stanford is out until at least the All-Star Break, and probably won’t contribute much if any innings for the Indians this season. Jody Gerut should be the only player (knock on wood) to join Stanford on the 60-day DL before the beginning of the season.

Signed LHP Cliff Bartosh, RHP Rafael Betancourt, RHP Jake Dittler, OF Ryan Ludwick, LHP Jason Stanford, and LHP Brian Tallet to 2005 Contracts

Ludwick is the only one of this group that’s a lock to make the club, although Betancourt should be a favorite for one of the two bullpen spots. Bartosh and Tallet are the third and fourth left-handed relievers on the depth chart, and should go to Buffalo. Dittler’s probably going to start in Akron, where he’ll get a second shot at AA hitters.

Signed OF Darren Bragg to a minor-league contract

AAA fodder, at best. He’s bumped around several organizations lately, including some major-league stints, but a lot of bad things would have to happen for Bragg to appear in an Indians uniform.

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