I’ve placed my unscientific, unreliable, and unconscionable prospect list to the right. I’ll be tracking the players as they advance through the system, so I figured the promising players needed a place of their own. Of course, Adam Miller has fallen to the first annual Compendium Curse, and has been shut down until early summer. There are a couple players that didn’t make it that I feel are interesting enough to keep an eye on, so I’m probably going to mention them in the next couple of weeks. Yes, I could have just expanded my list to 30 (or more), but I’d rather keep the list shorter. I’ll also profile the 20 that did make the list during March.

My next projects are revamping the Options and Depth Chart pages. I’d like to convert them to HTML once and for all, removing the hideous Word format once and for all from my site. If you’ve recently come across this blog, well, count yourself lucky, because you might have seen this had you found me in 2002.

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