Decisions, Decisions

Optioned OF Grady Sizemore, LHP Brian Tallet, and SS Brandon Phillips to Buffalo (AAA)

If the Gonzalez/Sizemore decision was by proxy Shapiro versus Wedge, then it looks like Shapiro won the argument, although this doesn’t really condemn Sizemore to the same fate as Brandon Phillips; it’s mainly a matter of time until Juan tweaks something (it was the right hamstring today), so Sizemore should get significant playing time in Cleveland. Phillips, on the other hand, is probably stuck unless Jhonny Peralta goes on the shelf for a long period of time. With Alex Cora a very capable short or long-term fix, Phillips is going to have to really rake in Buffalo to get a callup before September. Brian Tallet probably was the biggest pitching surprise in camp, but with two left-handers already in the bullpen, Tallet fell victim to a numbers game. Matt Miller certainly didn’t help himself in his last couple outings, but he was pitching to left-handed hitters, which isn’t going to happen once the games start to count.

Speaking of left-handers, Cliff Bartosh is probably going to be dealt before the season starts. Contrary to what I believed, he has no options remaining, so rather than trying to sneak him through waivers, the Indians are going to try to get something for him. He’s left-handed and breathing, so there should be some interest.

Assigned RHP Paul Shuey, RHP Steve Watkins, and RHP Jason Bere to minor-league camp

Watkins should go in Buffalo’s rotation, while Shuey and Bere stay behind in Winter Haven to rehab.

Signed 2B Danny Garcia to a minor-league contract

He should take the place of Warren Morris, who’s out after breaking his finger. Garcia is a mildly interesting player; he had a couple good seasons in the Mets organization, including a .333/.391/.530 for Binghampton in 2003. His line in the majors is .227/.345/.361, which isn’t too horrid for a backup infielder (for reference, here’s John McDonald’s career line). Fortunately, he shouldn’t be needed.

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