A Quick Update

Posting will continue to be light for the next week or two. I’m graduating in mid-May, so I have a lot things to take care of in real life. Until then, I’ll try to drop by twice or thrice a week, which isn’t as often as I’d like, but circumstances mandate it.

The past three games have featured crushing losses, although of different variaties. At least the team has chosen multiple ways to lose, right? Thursday night’s loss to the Angels rates as the most bizarre of the three (Alex Cora playing left field?), although the formula of losing close games has remained the same. Most of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the offense. The lineup let Jarrod Washburn off the hook, and kept the Angels in the game. While Bob Wickman deserves some of the ire due to putting the leadoff batter on in the 9th, the game should not have been that tight to begin with. When an offense isn’t productive, little mistakes can mean the difference between victory and defeat. So far, the Indians have had to win the hard way, and that’s not an easy way to accumulate victories.

Profiles of Jason Cooper and Kevin Kouzmanoff should be up on Sunday.

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