A Blast and a Bloop

Giving Radke four inches on the outside corner should be criminal. Given Radke’s surgical control, he didn’t really have to throw a real strike all game, especially to left-handers. That Jody Gerut was able to single on an “outside” strike was a testament to how he’s swinging. The strike was the same for both pitchers, but Cliff Lee didn’t have the control to take advantage of it. Lee will lapse into stretches where he can’t throw his off-speed pitches for strikes, and against a fastball-hitting lineup, that’s a recipe for disaster. Of course, Ben Broussard’s physical and Lee’s mental error in the fourth inning probably cost the team four runs. Those four runs were more than enough for Radke and the Twins bullpen. Torii Hunter’s other two RBI came on a bloop “double;” the ball dropped between Jhonny Peralta and Jody Gerut in shallow left field. I thought Gerut should have made the catch, but Peralta was there to make the play.

Placed OF Juan Gonzalez on the 15-day Disabled List (hamstring)
Reinstated OF Coco Crisp from the 15-day Disabled List

Crisp is back after only 15 days, and is starting in center field today. According to Tom Hamilton, Coco is wearing a brace on his right hand, but is otherwise ready to go. That’s a huge boost to the lineup, because it makes Blake a backup.

And just I’m writing this, Coco Crisp just took Santana deep. Welcome back, Coco!

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