Placed 1B/DH Travis Hafner on the 15-day Disabled List (post-concussion symptoms)

Thanks a lot, Buerhle. Hafner has been hitting on the side, but unfortunately whenever he starts running or exercising, he gets dizzy. So after nine days of hoping the dizzyness would go away, the Indians had to DL him on Tuesday or lose the retroactive option. If the dizzy spells go away, Pronk would be eligible to come back when the Indians return home.

Purchased the Contract of 1B/OF Jeff Liefer and Recalled him to Cleveland

Liefer is one of Buffalo’s several good AAAA players. A plus for the Indians is that he can play in the outfield some, so I’m hoping against hope that Casey Blake is out of the lineup at least a couple times on the road trip. Liefer’s line in Buffalo: 321 AB, .321/.388/.595, 27 2B, 19 HR. Keep in mind that Liefer is 30, lest you entertain any ideas about him. He’ll probably be DFAd when Hafner returns.

Optioned RHP Fernando Cabrera to Buffalo (AAA)

Recalled LHP Brian Tallet from Buffalo (AAA)

This happened because of CC Sabathia’s meltdown on Monday; the Indians used both of their longmen, and needed some insurance for Tuesday. It turns out that Jake Westbrook spun a gem; of course, Tallet hasn’t had much luck at all as far as getting into games is concerned. His next major-league appearance, whenever that happens, will be his first since undergoing Tommy John surgery in August of 2003.

4 thoughts on “Transactions”

  1. Looks like they’re going to make Liefer’s trip from Buffalo to the west coast worth his while. Batting 5th today. Hopefully he’ll get an extended look even when hafner gets back and someone else. yes, he’s 30, but who knows, maybe he’s a late-developer. while older, there are plenty of 30 year olds who can swing a good stick, maybe Liefer has learned some new things. you never know. Wouldn’t want to lose him just to save Casey Blakes ass.

    And casey is down in the 9 hole, where he belongs IF he should be so lucky to get in a game.
    Is Dubois in the doghouse already? He’s been a no show since Liefer came aboard.

  2. Hopefully today was the last straw for Wickman, and Shapiro said to himself that the team is better off without him. I have been sick of walking the tightrope with him every time he’s out there. All-star this season or not, good save % or not, he cannot seriously be called one of the top dominant closers in the league. what a shot in the arm it would have been to take the series from the red-hot wild card leading A’s, especially after getting beaten like the proverbial red-headed step child in game 1.
    Wickman’s old, he’s fat, he’s ineffective, he’s probably going to retire. get something for him now and bring back fernando cabrera!!

  3. I’m all for dealing Milwood and Wickman. We can probably get some steals with them. First of all, Wickman is not “my kind of closer”. I like the dominant and intimidating kind of closer. I think Milwood is a good pitcher, but he is injury prone and not affordable next year. I think we have some talent in the minors that can take his spot(Not Jason Davis). Wickman’s spot can be filled also through the minors or Howry. Yes we will lose some “now” talent, but we will gain in the long run.

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