Book Review: Terrors of Pangaea

Terrors of Pangaea (2020) – by John C. Wright

Series: Lost on the Last Continent (1)

Genre: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Publisher: Theogony Books

292 Pages

$4.99 (e-book) – $15.24 (paperback)

Rating: 4/5

Preston Lost is a fighter pilot who one day chases a UFO into a weird portal. There are no explanations beyond this; no biographical backgrounds, no motivations. Just action, constant action, so much action that you will need to take breaks during your reading sessions. Just like Preston you will be bewildered with the weird creatures you encounter, but there is no time to try to understand why the sun is larger in the sky or why there are dinosaurs or talking simians or weird men in this place, because Preston is too busy not trying to be killed by practically every creature or being he encounters. Even the water is deadly.

This is pure, undistilled pulp action, with a main character who does not shrink from danger, cower before more powerful enemies, or despair at his plight. The book is wonderfully written, with laconic yet lyrical prose. The setting is huge, dangerous, and wondrous all at the same time. I would have liked just a bit more insight into this crazy world, but I certainly want to read on.

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