Return to Normalcy, or Just a Blast from the Past?

Yesterday, the Indians followed a familiar script:

1) Score first

2) Starter pitches well

3) Increase the lead

However they for some reason forgot:

4) Blow the lead late

5) Lose the game in extra innings

Of course, that didn’t mean they didn’t try to follow the script. David Riske was on his way towards giving up a four run lead, and then pitching coach Carl Willis made a visit. Three pitches later, the game was over. After the game, Riske said that he had lost his aggressiveness, and he had blown the other games because he was too “nice”.

Too nice?

Well, that certainly is a relief. Now if Riske starts getting lit up, the bench can start chanting “no juevos!” like the “other” Indians did to Pedro Cerrano.

Bitter, Party of One?

Judging by Jim Ingraham’s piece today, you’d have thought that the Indians had lost yesterday. Is this the same guy who waxes poetic on the Indians’ farm system for Baseball America?

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