Saturday’s Starter Announced; Hoyman Signs


Purchased the Contract of RHSP Chad Durbin; Recalled him to Cleveland


This was Kyle Denney’s job to lose, and he lost it. He’s been pitching terribly ever since returning from a knee injury, so he was passed over by the Indians. Making the start in one of Saturday’s two games is Chad Durbin, who is a bit more proven, and frankly, the best of the rest in Buffalo. Kenny Rayborn has a nice 3.30 ERA, but has a disturbing lack of strikeouts (48) in 84.2 innings pitched. Strikeouts aren’t the end-all statistic in determining whether a minor-league pitcher will have success in the majors, but they’re very important nonetheless. AAA finesse artists who can’t strikeout International League hitters aren’t going to get outs in the majors.


As for Durbin, he’s still young enough (26) to have some promise as a starter, or at least a palatable alternative to Scott Elarton’s string of losing perfection. Nothing against Scott, but I hope by Saturday evening, the Indians have a new 5th starter; I’m to the point where I don’t necessarily care who the new guy in the rotation is.


Optioned LHSP Jeriome Robertson to Buffalo


He probably won’t stay in Buffalo too long; because he was used in Wednesday’s blowout, the Indians needed another arm to take the mound on Saturday, and Robertson was optionable. He’ll probably replace Durbin in Buffalo’s rotation, make a start or two, and should be recalled when his 10-day sentence is up.


Signed 2004 Draft Pick RHSP Justin Hoyman (2nd Round) to a minor-league contract; Assigned him to Mahoning Valley (SSA)


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