Promoted RHSP Adam Miller to Kinston (A+) from Lake County (A-)


A much deserved promotion. Miller struck out 106 and walked only 28 in his 91 innings with the Captains. The “sandwich” pick in 2003 (Jim Thome), Miller is flying up the prospect lists, and may be the best pitcher in the system right now. However, he’s only made it to Kinston, and flameouts of young arms are the rule, not the exception. But it will be interesting to see his stuff fares against better competition for the next six weeks or so.


Promoted LHRP Shea Douglas to Akron (AA) from Kinston (A+)


Allowing only 18 hits in 32 innings generally gets you a promotion, and so Douglas heads to Akron. Douglas looks like a nice relief prospect thus far; however, he’s Rule 5 eligible this offseason, and he’s exactly the type of player clubs tend to pick in the draft.


Reinstated RHSP Travis Foley from the Disabled List (A+)


Demoted RHRP Kieran Mattison to Lake County (A-) from Kinston (A+)


Other News


Jason Stanford is done for the year (and probably 2005 as well), as he’s going to have Tommy John surgery. For a guy who’s had to fight his way up the ladder (he was signed by the Indians as an undrafted free agent), a setback like this has to be difficult for him. It’s also a blow to the pitching depth, as this makes three left-handed starters to have the surgery in the past year. While Brian Tallet seems to be on track to be fully recovered by Spring Training, Billy Traber is lagging behind on his recovery. Needless to say, you can never have enough pitching.


VORP Update

  • Ben Broussard – 10.6 (11th among 1B)
  • Ronnie Belliard – 28.8 (2nd among 2B)
  • Omar Vizquel – 23.5 (8th among SS)
  • Casey Blake – 19.7 (8th among 3B)
  • Matt Lawton – 27.3 (6th among LF)
  • Coco Crisp – 7.3 (15th amond CF) *Note: there are 14 teams in the American League*
  • Jody Gerut – 12.9 (7th among RF)
  • Travis Hafner – 52.5 (1st among DH)
  • Victor Martinez – 39.8 (2nd among C)

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