All Your Retreads Are Belong To Us

What’s with the White Sox and former Indians? In the past 10 years, they’ve signed/traded for Herbert Perry, Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton, Mike Jackson, Sandy Alomar, Tony Pena, Roberto Alomar, Bartolo Colon…

And now it looks like they’re going to add Omar Vizquel to the list. Either Kenny Williams is a mind-reader, or the two parties were discussing money before they were allowed to. The good news is that if they do in fact sign Vizquel within the next couple weeks, the Indians get a “sandwich” pick after the first round and Chicago’s second round pick. If Chicago had picked a slot lower, the Indians would have received their first round pick instead of their second rounder.

For the Indians, it looks like their top two targets will be Armando Benitez and Matt Clement. It’s nice to see they’re at least starting with the best players available rather than waiting around for the leftovers, as in previous years. Benitez is probably more realistic than Clement at this time, but it might be interesting to see if Clement would prefer playing closer to home.

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