The Draft Pick Fairy Returns

The same team who gave the Royals a first-round pick as compensation for Michael Tucker may bestow one on the Indians. According to this, the San Francisco Giants are offering Omar Vizquel a three year deal worth $12M. Yes, three years to a shortstop who’ll be 40 at the end of the contract. Vizquel would be crazy not to take the deal, unless Chicago matches it. Of course, if the Giants sign a higher “Type A” free agent, such as Armando Benitez, the Indians will receive a “sandwich” pick and the Giants’ second round pick. The White Sox are probably not out of the running yet, but they’d have to give Vizquel three years guaranteed, and I don’t believe they’d be that stupid.

In other news, Paul Hoynes pretty much cements the fact that the Indians will have $10M to get two pitchers. As I’ve said before, the thinnest market of the two are the closers. Dustin Hermanson keeps getting brought up, but I’d rather go after Benitez first, then go to Wickman; Hermanson would be Plan C.

[EDIT]: According to this, it looks like Vizquel to San Francisco is offical – 3 years, $12.25M. The title of the article is pretty humorous, if you ask me.

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